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Choose St. Thomas Rent-All for Great Construction Equipment Rentals

Why Rent?

When making the decision to buy or rent, here's something consider: renting is often more profitable than buying or even leasing. The reason is simple; profits result from using equipment, rather than owning it.

The true cost of buying equipment includes maintenance and upgrading outdated equipment, which means that what you spend can actually be many times the sticker price in the end. Here are a few more advantages to renting:

No Maintenance or Breakdown Costs

Daily rental fees include full maintenance. No spare parts, no repair shop, and no mechanics, are needed. These things add significantly to the purchase price of equipment. Let’s face it, almost every piece of equipment breaks down occasionally. When rented equipment breaks down, we replace it at no cost to you, saving you the cost of lost time while you wait for repairs.

We'll Store Equipment for You

Some contractors are actually able to operate successful construction businesses without spending the dollars required for warehousing their own equipment. They rent instead, and their rental yard stores the equipment safely.

Bid on Out of Town Contracts

Renting equipment means considerable savings when heavy gear doesn't need to be transported hundreds of miles. Renting means equipment is available when and where it's needed.

Track Your Costs Effectively

We provide an invoice showing exactly how much you spent using your rented equipment. This provides excellent information when tracking costs of any job.

Inventory Control

Rented equipment is tracked through our billing system. The knowledge that someone is always aware of where tools are reduces loss due to pilfering, resulting in savings for the contractor.

Top Quality Equipment

The competitive marketplace means manufacturers are turning out faster and better equipment. We must stock the latest and best models to compete in our industry, providing a tremendous advantage to a contractor who is not burdened with equipment that is nearing the end of its utility. We also spare you the costly need to dispose of old equipment.

The Right Tool for the Job

Owning equipment can force you into a "make do" situation if the tool in question doesn't meet specific requirements for the job. Renting means the right equipment is always available.

Own Only What You Need

No contractor wants equipment to lie idle. The availability of top-quality rentals means you can buy the equipment you use most often and more specialized tools can be rented as needed, thus minimizing idle time.

No Extra Costs

You don't have to pay personal property taxes or license costs attached to rented equipment which add to the price of ownership.

Free Up Capital

Owning equipment ties up a significant amount of capital. Renting frees capital for more profitable uses.

Increase Your Borrowing Power

Rented equipment doesn't show up as a liability on a contractor's bottom line. Your banker will love it, and you will have more leverage in securing the bonds necessary for construction work.

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